Friendship and Dreams
Family Prayer
at Pura Goa Giri Putri
Friendship and Team

Our Story

Surya Shanti is the fruit of a long-lasting friendship. Its roots grew from the encounter
of three women: Ibu ATI from Bali, PAULINE from the Philippines and SYLVIE from
France. Together, they nourished the dream of creating a place that would share
their passion for Bali. Alongside their families, they worked on this beautiful project
and chose the region of Sidemen for its spectacular scenery, authenticity and
spiritual tradition.

Surya Shanti was inaugurated on January 1st 2010, with the presence of their close
friends from all over the world.
Surya, as “sun” in Sanskrit ,  Shanti, as “peace”
Their dream came true.

The Founders

Sylvie & Joel met Pauline & Hervé in Jakarta in the 1990’s where they lived 6 years and where were born their first children. Sylvie and Pauline are partners as well in a Receptive Travel Agent dedicated to design tailored-made tours all over Indonesia. Ibu Ati is their representative for Bali.

Ibu ATI, Sylvie and Joel are nowadays living in Sidemen. Pauline is still in Paris.

And we all keep in our heart a special love for Hervé who left us few years ago.

HERVE & PAU founders

Our Philosophy

Responsible Tourism 

Sidemen Valley is one of Bali last paradises, an authentic region that must be preserved.

By working hand in hand with the locals, we intend to sustain a responsible tourism development in the area. As such, our eco-friendly accommodation offers a luxurious modern comfort while respecting the environment.

We strive to bring awareness to the local population on how to protect their natural environment.

To give back to the community, we support the village development by restricting our employment within Sidemen and its surroundings. 

And for the long-term, we aim to provide education to the children of sidemen through the foundation Pasraman Vidya Giri.

A unique place

In Surya Shanti, you are in Bali and nowhere else ! Our hotel is built within the rice terraces offering a breathtaking view of the valley until the Bali Sea at horizon, and to  majestic Mount Agung, the holiest volcano in Bali. It is an ideal place for a spiritual journey or simply to enjoy peace and beauty. As soon as you arrive I this privileged site, you will be welcome as friends and enjoy an authentic balinese experience.

Our Surya Shanti Family

The gracious Balinese staff of 27 persons, all natives of Sidemen valley and proud of their origins in the neighboring villages, are attentive and dedicated to all your needs. SURYA SHANTI is their home where they are pleased to welcome you with a warm tradition of hospitality … and  large smiles.

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  • Banjar Tebola, Sidemen, Telaga Tawang, Karangasem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80864, Indonesia

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