Sharing our passion for Sidemen


From friendship...

Surya Shanti is the fruit of a long-lasting friendship. Its roots grew from the encounter of three women: Ibu Ati from Bali, Pauline from the Philippines and Sylvie from France. Together, they nourished the dream of creating a place that would share
their passion for Bali.

2010 a dream come true

Alongside their families, they worked during years on this beautiful project, and in 2010, Surya Shanti was inaugurated  with the presence of their close friends from all over the world : Their dream came true


Pasraman Foundation

The Pasraman Vidya Giri association was founded in 2012 by Ibu Ati,
It encourages children to study together and explore their potentials while teaching them to respect nature and the environment.
The foundation welcomes the children of Sidemen village and offers  them Gamelan lessons, balinese dance lessons,  yoga and meditation , and a dinner at the end of the class.


Support to our balinese team

We have all missed you so much since the start of the pandemic !
But in the absence of clients, we have continued to support our teams with a minimum wage and food.
In return, they are maintaining very well the property and Surya Shanti is ready to welcome you as soon as Bali reopens its borders.
And since recently we are glad to welcome Indonesian tourists as well.

Our Core Values

Promote responsible tourism that benefits the Balinese
Welcome our guests as friends
Share our passion for Bali and Sidemen

Come as a guest, leave as a family

Joel et Sylvie
welcome you with their heart
Surya Shanti team
will make you feel at home
You won't want to leave !