Cooking Class
Experience Balinese cooking
with our Balinese chef

Market visit with the Chef

Early morning at about 07:00, you will discover Sidemen local market and buy some ingredients.

Sidemen market is at 1,5 km from our Villa.

It is a night market that start at 2h30 a.m. and finished at 09:30. You will find mainly fruits, vegetables and spices but as well chicken, porc, duck or some sea food.

For balinese, It is a popular place to eat too with coffee, balinese pastries, the famous nasi goreng …

Cook your lunch

Back to hotel , you will learn how to prepare famous specialities in our traditional kitchen :



Sate lilit – grilled stick of mixed coconut milk and maki maki fish- , papaya salad, fish wrapped in banana leaf and steamed, corn fritter, and many other balinese delights.



Enjoy your lunch with your own preparation.

As you will receive a Balinese local recipes book, you get a chance to do it at home

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